Mentor Animal Hospital

6231 Reynolds Road
Mentor, OH 44060


Medical Services

Mentor Animal Hospital has an in-house laboratory, X-Ray, ultrasound, endoscope, and pharmacy. We frequently consult with internal medicine specialists, and we are members of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN).Our membership in VIN allows us to share information with thousands of veterinarians around the country. Our veterinarians and staff regularly attend continuing education programs. Below are some of the medical conditions we treat at Mentor Animal Hospital. For more information on these and other diseases, see our Library page.

Allergies: Environmental causes

Anemia: Low Red Blood Cell Count

Ascarids: Intestinal parasite

Bloat: Gas in the stomach

Cardiomyopathy: Heart disease

Coccidiosis: Intestinal parasite

Conjunctivitis: Inflammation around the eye

Cough: Infectious or anatomic causes

Cystitis: Bladder infection

Dermatitis: Skin disease

Diabetes: High blood sugar

Diabetes Insipidis: Pituitary problem

Endocrine Diseases: Glandular problems

Fleas: Skin parasite

Gastroenteritis: Diarrhea or vomiting

Glaucoma: Increased pressure in the eye

Heartworms: Preventable heart parasite

Hookworms: Intestinal parasite

Hyperadrenocorticism: Overactive adrenal glands

Hyperthyroidism: Overactive thyroid

Hypothyroidism: Under-active thyroid

Incontinence: Inability to control bladder or bowels

Leptospirosis: Preventable kidney infection

Liver Disease: Infectious or congenital liver failure

Mange: Skin parasite

Neoplasia: Cancer

Ophthalmology: Eye diseases

Otitis: Ear infections

Pancreatitis: Inflamed pancreas

Pyoderma: Skin infections

Radiology: Uses X-Rays to visualize organs

Renal Disease: Kidney failure

Tonometry: Checks for glaucoma

Ultrasonography: Uses sound waves to visualize organs

Whipworms: Intestinal parasite